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Ferret Training Aids

Below listed are items I personally use and recommend as "Must Have"items when attempting to train your ferret.  If anyone wishes to know where I get them I have posted some places on our face book page. Here they are:

  • Nutrigel - This is a high calorie Vitamin Supplement. Ferrets go absolutely bonkers over this stuff. This makes training so much easier with this. Important to note that you need to give this sparingly. I put a small smear from the tube on my finger. I've only known ferrets to lick it off. Now why only a smear you say? Have you ever seen the result of giving a two year old toddles a block of chocolate and a can of Coke.
    You end up with an out of control monster for a while and seriously you don't want to know about what comes out the other end. In moderation its fine. I also use it for ferret breakfast. (See feeding) .  Find Nutrigel Here

  •  Water Bottle - Just a normal cheap nasty squirting water bottle, You just squirt them in the face when they are naughty.
  • Clicker - Animal clicker for training. Can buy on Ebay for $1. Pets store for $10 or so. these are good for initial ferret training.

  • Bitter Lime/Apple - This is ferret Kryptonite!! Can be purchased from pet stores/vets for around $12. They absolutely hate this stuff. I found a simple easy mix recipe to make your own at home for peanuts.
  • 2:1 Ratio. One part of Apple cider vinegar. Two parts white vinegar, pop in a squirting bottle, shake and done.