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Ferret Toys


I could easily fill a couple of pages with suggestions for ferret toys and playthings. I'll describe what I know they like and what works. Its important to note that ferrets get attached to their "Possessions" and do get anxious and stressed if they disappear.

  • Small fluffy/furry toys. Mice and such, Ebay is great for cheap toys
  • Squeak Toys - I bought a miniature rubber chicken on Ebay for $1. I often hear it Honking in the middle of the night.
  • Toys on string/sticks (also cat toys)
  • Bird Balls with bells inside.
  • Anything that makes a noise/rustle. Scrunched up paper, Cellophane, Plastic. Paper bags, Reusable Cloth Shopping bags (Chiller ones especially)
  • Packing (Or Packing peanuts) They are called. These are great fun for your ferret. NOTE! You must use the non-toxic type. Easiest way to tell is they will dissolve in water and are would not harm your ferret.
  • Basket of dirty laundry, Ferrets just love places that pong.
  • Large tubing or pipework. Ferrets love to run in tunnels and tubes. The sky is the limit when it comes to this. Remember toilet roll inner are dangerous. don't use these as toys.
  • Waste paper/Recycle bin That my ferret finds hours of amusement playing in. Ripping up the paper, dragging stuff out

That should give you a start at least. Its important to take note of things that your ferret is interested in. Its not always  good things they play with. Power cords come to mind. This behavior you must stop on the spot