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Poor Ferret Health

   For most part if you ferret isn't well its not hard to pick up on. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Vomiting - I have rarely seen ferrets vomit and  if/when they do you would most likely be able to see the culprit. Continuous vomiting I'd go straight to the Vet.
  • Shivering - This is often the case of a ferret regulating its body temperature and metabolism. This subsides after a few minutes  after they wake up. Yawning at this time is a normal indicator that the shivering is fine. However is the shivering continues for an extended period you may want to consider seeing a vet.
  • Lethargy - Ferrets are normally very active. For a ferret to be slow and  listless for a long period of time may be a cause for concern.
  • Scratching - One a ferrets favorite things to do. They love a good scratch. It is difficult to gauge what is usual and what's not. Getting to know your ferret will help.E xcessive scratching could be due to parasites or allergies.
  • Runny Eyes & Nose- Ferrets are susceptible to colds and Flu's just like humans and can easily contract them. Ideally keep sick people away from the ferret until they are well. If you must handle the ferret, wash you hand thoroughly before picking them up and keep contact brief.

I'll ad more as thing come to light