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Ferret Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do Ferrets smell:

A. The answer is yes.  Ferrets by nature have a musky odour about them. There are  a number of factors that make a difference. Male or Female. Males are by far the most odious. De sexed animal do tend to have less odour.

Q. Do Ferrets Bite?

A. Yes. The question you should ask is why do ferrets bite? Ferrets bite for a number of reasons:

  • Playing- Ferrets bite each other when they play
  • Age - The Younger the ferret the more they nip. Most often nip less the older they get
  • Fear - If a ferret is scared, frightened or suddenly shocked it may well bite to protect itself
  • Excitement - Just as a two year old toddler would get excited and get wound and up out of control. A ferret would see this a  fine, fun game and join in. Its best to teach young children to stay calm around ferrets.
  • Angry/Annoyed. ferrets are known to nip owners if they happen to miss meals, run out of water, not clean the litter tray. Its ferret speak for "Hey Owner there's something you missed"

Q. How long do ferrets live?

A. Ferrets live for6-9 years. Personally I have never known why some ferrets live longer than others.


Q. Can ferrets be house trained?

A. Yes they can.  You will need to be very patient when ferret training. I will go into it further in the training area.


Q. Do Ferrets make good pets?

A. Absolutely yes. Admittedly I am biased. I have had dogs & cats but nothing compares to a ferret when it comes to keeping you on your toes.