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Ferret Litter Types & Trays

Now to the deal with the exciting topic of litter trays and what type of litter to use for your ferret. We'll start with known tray types:


  • Store bought trays $10-$30 are triangle shaped an are available at most pet stores.
  • Cage Bottom Tray. These may easy but are normally a bit awkward and if you aren't cleaning them real often then you ferret is running around in their own feces.
  • Homemade/DYI trays. Amazing what you can do with a bit of ingenuity. I'll post a pic of my efforts at the bottom.

The Only Litter types we recommend

Of course you are free to choose what ever you wish when it comes to your pet. If you are hear then you are hopefully looking for ideas and advice.  In the past I have made the error disregarding  something as innocuous as litter only to have tragic results. The only two safe litter options I know of for ferrets are:

  • Paper litter pellets - There are a few varieties about made from recycled paper and are substantially low in the dust factor.
  • Butchers paper/Raw recycled paper. these work well in cage bottoms.

Bad Litter Types

This is quite a complex issue. There are so many different types of litter on the market how would you know what to choose. Its a very well known fact that ferrets spend most of their awake time sniffing about.  ANY litter that breaks down or is dusty will cause respiratory problems with Ferrets.This therefore  eliminates the following:

  • Wood pulp or shavings
  • Cat litter - Clay, crushed rock or clumping types
  • Soil - all sorts of bugs, microbes and parasites live in soil and are harmfull
  • Newspaper/magazines (Bah whats wrong with newspaper you say?) The ink used in newsprint never completely dries, it is vaporous for ever. This  I found out the hard way when my ferret developed an allergy and got sick