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Ferret Bedding


The bedding you use for your ferret would normally be something that's warm and durable. One thing I would advise you avoid is any fabric that has loop stitching. Bath towels are the most common item that comes to mind in this category. The reason for this is the ferret can easily get their claws snagged causing them to freak out and potentially hurt themselves. The most common injury from this I have seen is a ferret ripping out a claw.


I find that old windcheaters that are fleece lined are the best. It also helps if you wear it for a few days to get your scent(Smell) on the item helping you to bond with a new ferret. The amount of time between cleaning bedding is a grey area, If you have one ferret or more then the frequency will differ. So once a month for a single ferret and perhaps weekly or fortnightly for multiple ferrets. These are just suggestions you would be able to judge your own better.

I hand wash mine using hot water (Soaking a couple of times first then rinsing again with hot water) Ferrets can have some reaction to harsh chemicals. I use a liquid low allergenic wool wash I buy from Aldi and its cheap. Ferrets keen sense of small also comes into play here. If their bedding smalls funny they wont use it, they may even drag it away.

Lastly this on of my personal ferret quirks.  Ferrets in the wild live in Burrows and in fact they love to dig them. I use large shoe boxes as ferret bedrooms. The ferrets love the security, Enclosed area so they are warm, and feel perfectly safe in them sleeping.