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New ferret owners necessity list: (Learnt by experience)

1. Dry Food I recommend IAMS Kitten biscuits. Has all they need.
2. Nutrigel. Its a vitamin supplement as well as a fantastic Training tool.
3. Warm Bedding. An old fleecy windcheater that you have worn for a few days is perfect. Ideally they get used to your scent/small and they are nice and warm. You do need to chop them up so there aren't any choking hazards. ie collars or sleeves.
4. Pet nail clippers. (buy on ebay for $1) People ones work as well
5.Water Bowl (Screw fixed type) The hanging drip type of bottle doesn't supply enough to the ferret causing dehydration. Takes them too long to drink.
6. A Bedroom. Ferrets like to sleep where they feel safe and secure. An old shoe box (or something similar) is Ideal. Cut a hole for a door and pop in their bedding
7. A Litter Tray. Pet shop litter trays can be expensive. I go to the reject shop and buy plastic kitchen tubs and modify them. I'll post more on this.
8. Paper towels. Some rolls of paper towel &or Wet wipes. I keep a ferret only stock of these plus what I have in the kitchen. You need them for Whoopsies.
9. Gloves. disposable are ok or get get some decent waterproof ones.
10. Litter. Only use paper type as ferret will often sniff and play in it. The Normal Kitty Litter is stone or clay based and can cause respiratory problems.
11. Toys. ferrets love little furry toys and things that squeak. Ebay is fantastic for cheap toys. They also love anything that rustles, paper, plastic, cellophane
12. Food Bowls I find the fixed type work the best as ferrets think its fun to tip them over.

Ferrets are lactose intolerant so you never ever ever want to give them normal full cream milk. Words fail to describe the HORROR!

However Lactose free mild is fine (Not low fat as they need the fat)
For Breakfast I feed my Ferret 100ml of this Blend This makes a weeks worth:
*500ml Lactose free milk, 1 Egg Yolk, 1 Teaspoon of Nutrigel. Mix well
I find my ferret waiting by her Breakfast bowl every morning.