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Ferret Parasites

Like all furry little critters ferrets can be hosts for a number of nasty little parasites. I will go into what they are and the best way to address the problem. These are the main culprits we get here:

  • Fleas - Just a run of the mill pest associated with family pets. Solo ferrets living indoors aren't much at risk unless there are other animals in the house. Fleas are usually found out doors then hitch a ride inside.
  • Ear Mites - a nasty critter that effects Ferrets. Keeping their ears clean is a great help towards battling this. DO NOT USE COTTON BUDS, These can very easily damage the ferrets eardrums. Your Vet can be a great help here.
  • Ticks - These can be easily picked up from other animals or by running around outside especially in the bush. The effects of a tick on a ferret can often be obvious on account of the animal showing symptoms like lethargy. It is Urgent that it gets looked at and addressed.
  • Heart-worm - Like any meat eater, Ferrets too can be prone to be attacked by this parasite. It normally doesn't end well for a ferret with heart-work so prevention is the best option.

In the prevention department I have always used Revolution (for Kittens) for the entire life of my ferrets and have never once had any parasite problems.

You can investigate it through this link Revolution