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Ferret Temperament

I should apologize in advance in case this gets long winded as it is a topic that covers so many different aspects of our furry friends. Just like people, every ferret you come across will be different from the last with a range of emotions, moods & behavior's. Again, just like people you can get to know your ferrets moods. Here are the easy ones to spot:


  • Happy - Some ferrets are move vocal than others. If a ferret is happy there is a chuckling sound (Also known a DOOK, DOOK) they make that tells you your fuzzy is having fun. The Mad running around and jumping about is also a sign of ferret fun.
  • Excitement - The most obvious way to tell an excited ferret is their Tail tuns into what looks like a bottle brush. This occurs for a few reasons. If a ferret is frightened or feels threatened the tail goes bushy. A ferret going into an unknown area can also get exited about the prospect as new exploration is their favorite thing. You can often see this behavior is they sneak into an area they know they aren't supposed to go. The most common occurrence is when a ferret is playing and gets over excited. This is when ferrets tend to go absolutely Bonkers and will most like start nipping toes and fingers. Bitter Apple is good to have at these times to spray feet.toes & fingers.
  • Angry/Annoyed/Frustrated - A ferret in one of these moods will often make a sound similar to a hiss. My ferret hisses at a few different times. She will be attempting to bite my toes. I will say "No to her, and she will look me in the eye and hiss as if to say"You're a Spoilsport. An empty water/food bowl may warrant a hiss when I get  near it as a hint. I will receive a hiss if she hears me on the other side of the door and wants it opened. A failed mission on her part attempting to drag something to awkward to move will likely be accompanied with fair amount of hissing (I call this ferret swearing). However sometimes I she will hiss for no apparent reason that I can fathom so I think is just here way of communicating. The other day she was sitting on my shoulder hissing for nothing I could see. I put it down to her bitching to me about the crappy day she had.
  • Bored - Ferrets love to be mentally stimulated by game, new places, people, even just new items. A ferret lies down flat on the ground and becomes still. You almost hear the fuzzy say "SIGH! I'm bored don't you have some fun stuff to do. Let play another game" A game you may have been playing with you ferret for weeks is now boring to them. They crave constant variety.