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Feeding your Ferret

Ferrets are Carnivores (Meat eaters) Their whole digestive system is only geared up for  meat or meat byproducts. Here is a list of what we suggest to feed your ferret to ensure its health and happiness:

  • Raw meats, Chicken, Beef, Lamb.
  • Meat with Bones, Chicken wings & Lamb chops
  • Minced meat. Cheapest type due to high fat content. Ferrets need this fat.
  • Dry Biscuits (kitten biscuits) I personally swear by IAMS Kitten biscuits due to the fact that they are high in protein, fat and have decent calcium which they need. They are solely made from Chicken and don't have any cereals.
  • Whole Prey - Frozen Weaner mice and chicks can be purchased at some pet stores. I know is sounds yukky. Not only do the ferrets need the calcium and minerals from prey but the act cleans out the digestive tract and can remove any build up or blockage.
  • Lactose free milk is fine (Not low fat as they need the fat)
  • Lastly, for Breakfast I feed my Ferret 100ml of this Blend This makes a weeks worth:
    *500ml Lactose free milk, 1 Egg Yolk, 1 Teaspoon of Nutrigel. (I'll explain this in Training) Mix well.

What Not to feed you Ferret!

I strongly recommend you not feed any of the following to your ferrets. These case are well documented for causing a variety of serious health issues with Ferrets:

  • Vegetables - ferrets are unable to digest them
  • Onions & Garlic are toxic to ferrets
  • Fruits & Sugars - another item they cant process causes problems
  • Nuts & Cereals- Mostly found as fillers in Pet Food
  • Milk - Normal regular milk will give a ferret diarrhea

Its very Important to check what is in any processed food or treat before you buy for your ferret. You will be amazed whats there once you start Looking.