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Ferret Games

Thisis one of the most important areas for a ferrets health and well being. These highly intelligent creatures crave mental stimulation with exploring being their first passion then games come a close second. It is a great way for you to bond with your ferret with the added advantage of getting a lot of exercise for you both. Keep in mind that a ferret that has plenty of exercise and stimulation is going to be less prone to behavioral issues and health problems.

Hide and seek- combined with chasey. (Must be very careful when running around with a ferret that you don't step on them. Very easily done)

Drag the towel - Drag the ferret around the floor on a towel, some like this

Hide and attack - ferrets will hide and jump out and attack the toy you are playing with

Bouncing ball - Bounce a large rubber ball and see what happens

Bed Bouncing - Ferrets often go mental when bouncing on a bed as its springy, They also love to get under the covers & doona and explore

Attack the towel - spread the towel out like a bullfight and get the ferret to attack it. Then wrap up the ferrets and spin them around


The most important thing to realize. Its the ferret that makes the rules. You are the one that has to figure them out.  Happy Ferreting