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Feeding Bowl's

Feeding bowls are something that's more for the human than the ferret. You often see food in a ferrets litter tray so that should explain their table manners or lack of. I have seen some ferret owners on the past not use bowls just tip the food on the floor of the enclosure. The ferrets don't care  My take on bowls is that I feel its more hygienic for the ferret to have separate bowls for food and makes it easier to keep them clean.
I use four bowls for my ferret. All are Stainless steel:

  1. Water Bowl - I use a water bowl not a bottle as it is my belief that the water dripping bottles are too restrictive and don't give the ferret enough to drink.
  2. Biscuit Bowl - Used for dry Kitten biscuits (I use IAMS Kitten) This bowl I have next to the water as you often see ferrets drinking water after eating the biscuits.
  3. Breakfast Bowl - (See my Breakfast Recipe Under Feeding) This is a Milk based meal so I wash the bowl every few days.
  4. Dinner Bowl - Once a day meat meal. Beef mince, Chicken wing, Prey, Lamb chops. What ever meat you feed your ferret.

As for types of bowls, there are many on the market and it is a personal choice of what you prefer. I prefer stainless steel fixed to cage type of bowls and you will likely find that ferrets think it is great fun to tip over and play with their bowls.